Climate Change Leadership

Transitions to Low Carbon Living

Author: susannabarrineau

Sustainability & Internationalisation Agendas in the University: How can they support each other?

Do you have ideas on how Uppsala University can be international and sustainable? This workshop will be an open exploratory space that will aim to understand the underlying drivers and desires for both internationalisation and sustainability, the potential sites of complementarity, and the possibility of Uppsala taking a lead in developing new and innovative practices […]

Bio-relations in Uppsala – A conversation on our city

Researchers walks, mass public art making and talks. In connection to the exhibition The Non-Human Animal – Negotiating Bio- relations

Almedalsveckan July 2019

Climate Change Leadership’s Zennström Professor, Keri Facer, engaged in Almedalsveckan 2019. Watch the seminars below. July 3, 2019: Climate vision – what is the role of universities in combating climate change? How can universities be a driving force in the fight against climate change? What expectations can placed on scientists, researchers and teachers and how […]

Bonn SB50, June 2019

“Science is not negotiable, another world is possible” By Sanna Barrineau 25 June, 2019. It’s 37 degrees celsius in Bonn, Germany at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and it’s the second week of one of the largest climate change conferences in the world during an unprecedented European heatwave.  Representatives of the […]