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Contact details for the CCL team and affiliated projects can be found as follows:

Mikael KarlssonSenior Lecturer in Climate Change
Laila MendyCoordinator for Zennström
Isabel BaudishCoordinator for Zennström
Martin WetterstedtResearcher and Project
Stefania BarcaProfessor and Zennström Chair 2021 –
Keri FacerProfessor and Zennström Chair 2019 –
Kevin AndersonVisiting Professor and Zennström Chair 2016 –
Doreen StabinskyAffiliated Researcher and Zennström Chair 2015 – 2016
Helena FornstedtPhD Student and Coordinator of
Venugopal Reddy ThandlamPhD Student and Coordinator of CEFO PhD Course in
Isak StoddardAffiliated PhD
Otilia Björndahl JoaoThe Campus Garden Project
Sagnik Sinha RoyThe Campus Garden Project

Climate Change Leadership is part of the research program Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRHU) based at Geocentrum, the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University. We also collaborate closely with CEMUS, the Centre for Environment and Development studies at Uppsala University and SLU.

If you are a prospective student, you can find interesting courses about climate change and sustainability at Geocentrum and CEMUS .

For PhD students, you might like to read more about CEFO and interdisciplinary PhD activities.

If you are a researcher employed at Uppsala University, the Uppsala University Sustainability Initiative offers interesting networks to develop interdisciplinary research in these fields.