It is hard to know where to get started when responding to the invitation to decolonise climate action. On this page we have gathered some key resources to help you start to rethink your approaches. This page will be continuously updated.

Decolonial Atlas

One Planet, Many Names (translucent text version) by Jordan Engel, taken from Decolonial Atlas

Let Them Drown, by Naomi Klein

Decolonising Nature, The Academy and Europe

Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures

Decolonial Futures Playlist about Climate Change

University of British Colombia’s Guide to Decolonisation and Anti-Racism

In support of UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan (ISP) this guide assists in finding and facilitating decolonial & anti-racist research. Here you will find key resources, search strategies, and additional open access information sources.

And a helpful thread about climate justice: