Climate Change Leadership probes the existential questions surrounding climate change, including the demands for rapid societal transformation to mitigate climate change and the potential adaptive measures needed to live with a changing climate.

The field is broad and dynamic, responding to the needs of an increasingly complex and globalised world from the point of the individual, and how one might learn to live with uncertain futures, to the global, where structures of justice and equity in politics and economics might need to be reorganised in response to changing climates.

The Climate Change Leadership Initiative emerged from the creation of the Zennström Professorship in Climate Change Leadership. Beginning in 2015, this series of visiting professorships was co-funded by generous donations from Zennström Philanthropies, founded by Niklas Zennström, Uppsala University alumnus, and his wife Katherine Zennström. To date, Climate Change Leadership has given space to four visiting Zennström professors who work with various researchers, students and civil society partners on different research themes.