This is a set of quick links to some of our work on Universities, Schools, Education and Climate Change.

Universities and Climate Change

Zennström Professor Keri Facer has written a report on Higher Education in the era of Climate Change, published by the Higher Education Policy Institute. This report argues for radically restructuring education and universities in response to the challenges of climate change. Read more in the download link:

Zennström Professor Keri Facer’s Inaugural Lecture discussed the futures of the European University in face of a changing climate.

Watch Professor Keri Facer’s lecture: Learning to Live with a Lively Planet

For more content discussing different aspects of this question, please explore the links below.

Reports and written reflections

  • A report from the Initiative on Internationalisation and Sustainability – is it possible to square these two agendas? Read more here.
  • What are the links between climate change and civic university agendas? A short post for the UK’s Higher Education Policy Institute
  • University Innovation Agendas – AIM Days and climate change – a reflection from Laila Mendy.

Lectures and talks

Professor Facer gives the keynote lecture to International Association of Universities 2019 Conference in Mexico, discussing the Transformation of Universities for the Future
Professor Keri Facer contributes towards a panel discussion at KTH after a lecture by Richard Florida

A public debate on universities and climate change – at Almedalen, with Professor Keri Facer, the Minister for Higher Education Matilda Ernkrans, Uppsala University Vice Chancellor Professor Eva Åkesson and the lead for Sweden’s Environment agenda, Dr Emma Nohrén.

A public debate on the role of science, industry and government in addressing climate change.

In Swedish – Universitetens roll för en hållbar värld – a public debate at Almedalen with Uppsala universitet, SLU, Karolinska institutet, Stockholms universitet, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, KTH

What sort of knowledge do we need to think about long term futures? Science and Futures in Government. A talk by Dr Claire Craig.

Are universities making the world worse? Education and research in an age of climate change . A panel discussion from Almedalen 2017 with Kevin Anderson, Josefin Wangel Weithz, and Johanna van Schaik Dernfalk.


Education and Climate Change

A report from the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures programme, led by Professor Keri Facer, which makes recommendations on Education and Climate Change

Four-part interview with Keri Facer, on the role of the future, the richness of the meanwhile, and desirable futures at the Constructing Social Futures Conference 2019 for Futuuri magazine. June 2019.

Education, Sustainable Development and the Challenges of Climate Change . CEMUS Spring Semester Introduction lecture 2016 with Professor Doreen Stabinsky.


Popular and Public Education

A report on the important role of transformative public education – public, dialogic, collaborative, transgressive – in addressing Covid-19, with implications also for climate change.

A reflection on a Legacy 17 workshop – a popular education strategy for addressing questions of sustainability.


Leading activity within Uppsala University

We have been working over the last year with the 2050 plan for the University Campus, supporting long term thinking about the link between climate change and university campuses. This includes events and consultation workshops.

Sustainability Talk on Campus Gotland, Uppsala University by Keri Facer. Building a University for the Common Good. March 2019