The Climate Change Leadership Node encourages open participation with challenging climate change questions. We work together with a variety of societal, political and academic actors and have many opportunities for students, researchers and the public to get involved.

Upcoming Events

Sept 29: Explore & Reimagine Bio-relations in Uppsala, in collaboration with Uppsala Art Museum’s exhibition The Non-Human Animal and researchers at Uppsala University and SLU. Open to the public. 

Oct 1: Learning to Live with a Lively Planet: the renewal of the university’s mission in the era of climate change. Inaugural lecture by Dr Keri Facer. Open to the public.

Oct 28Sustainability & Internationalisation Agendas in the University: How can they support each other?. An exploratory workshop for university students and staff.

Breakfast with partners and friends

Here are a few ways you can get involved with the climate change leadership node as a researcher, student, or member of the public.

For the Public

Reimagining Climate Change

We meet fortnightly to watch documentaries and read climate fiction, to meet others interested in these topics and to create space for creative exploration of how to respond to the changing cultures of climate change. The meetings will be friendly, informal opportunities for conversation fortnightly on Wednesdays from 6-8; we will either watch a short film together, or read some fiction beforehand so that we have a topic for discussion. 

Carbon Budget Reports

The node continues to develop municipal carbon budget reports. Equitably dividing Sweden’s carbon budget in to municipalities, the reports outline the rates at which municipalities must mitigate in order to be in line with the Paris Agreement. If you are interested in commissioning a report for your kommun please contact us. Previous reports are published online and available here.

For Researchers

Our current research interests lie in processes of transitions to low carbon living. Keri Facer and her team are working with the roles of the university and convening publics in face of climate change. We are particularly interested in exploring arts and humanities in climate change questions. Martin Wetterstedt and his team are working on municipal carbon budgets. If you would like us to collaborate or participate in a research project or in applications, we would love to hear from you.

For Students

PhD Research Forum

We are a research forum for PhD students, by PhD students, focused on facilitating interdisciplinary discussions around sustainability and environmental change. Our main activities include running a bi-monthly seminar series featuring talks and workshops from CEFO members and invited speakers. We initiate and run student-led PhD courses and offer opportunities for getting feedback for your research from a wider audience. Seminars, workshops and events are open to any interested PhD students, researchers, masters students and interested public.

Climate Change Leadership PhD course

The course gives a broad orientation of theories and concepts within the emerging climate change leadership field focusing on how to engender a rapid social transition to zero emissions. The main focus lies on analysing how theories and concepts of climate change leadership, stemming from political and social sciences, systems thinking, governance theory and societal planning can be used to understand and shape transitions.

Master’s students

We are interested in connecting with students who want to write their Master’s thesis on a topic relating to the climate change leadership field. We can assist you in finding a relevant supervisor that may have further ideas for possible projects for Master’s students. Please get in contact with us.

COP Student Delegation

Every year, Uppsala University sends a group of students and researchers to the climate negotiations. We will launch a call for applications here. If you are interested in working with student engagement in climate change please visit our resources page or see the networks we support below.

COP23 Delegation

Interesting partners and networks

If you are interested in getting involved with climate change issues in Uppsala, Sweden, and internationally there are many networks and groups who might interest you:

Klimatlätt: Klimatlätt is an initiative working with a variety of partners in academia, government and society who are working to reduce emissions of Uppsala residents. 

Climate Justice Platform: We are a student-run initiative connected to the Center of Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) at Uppsala University, that takes a critical stance on the current sustainable development discourse.

Klimataktion: Klimataktion is a non-partisan civic organisation working for the climate.

Jordensvänner: Jordens Vänner Uppsala is a local division of svenska Jordens Vänner och Friends of the Earth International.

Naturskyddsföreningen: is a non profit, non-partisan environmental conservation organisation.

Wasteless Project: A Student led project that aims to increase awareness about waste generation, sorting and recycling in Uppsala.