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Combatting Climate Science Denial: a workshop

Sonja Lyttkens sal, New Ångströms Ångström Laboratory, House 10, Uppsala

How do you respond to someone who denies climate change? What are the different ways misinformation, disinformation and denial impact attitudes and beliefs about climate change science? How can we, as scientists or science advocates, respond to these different misperceptions?   Whether you are scientist or student, you might have encountered this in your personal […]

CEFO: Maarten Deleye – Higher education and sustainability

Maarten Deleye – Higher education and sustainability. A topic modeling discourse analysis of academic discourses. Baltic University Library – Geocentrum Zoom:   The interdisciplinary seminar takes place Tuesdays 10:15-12:00 twice per month during term time via zoom or/and in the Baltic Library, at the Department of Earth Sciences,  Villavägen 16. The first and last seminar each term includes planning […]