Transitions to Low Carbon Living

CO2-Budget 2021 Conference

CO2-BUDGET 2021 is a new conference that brings together municipalities, regions, researchers, climate engaged organizations and the public. The concept of carbon budgets are at the heart of the conference. Through seminars, workshops and panel discussions, we share – and create – knowledge about how the necessary reductions in emissions can be computed and achieved […]

Remembering Maria and Zé Claudio : Earth Defenders from Amazonia, 10 Years On

(Photo credit: Felipe Milanez, 2010) (Para o português, veja abaixo) On May 24, 2011, Maria do Espirito Santo and Zé Claudio Ribeiro da Silva, nut collectors and members of the agroforestry project (Projeto Agro-Extractivista, PAE) of Praialta Piranheira in the Brazilian Amazon, were brutally murdered as a consequence of their engagement in protecting the forest […]


How to Listen #2: Co-shaping an exchange of narratives and learning together.

Hunt out wild flowers, reach out, not to pick them but as an offer of intimacy. Stay open-hearted, don’t put your ear to the ground to listen for sap or soil, instead tune into the words written between the lines – visible in the way bluebell, pink campion, stitchwort offer up their secrets, have made […]


Living Library #3 : How to act? On allies, ambassadors and actions.

We work too hard We’re too tired to fall in love. Therefore we must overthrow the government. We work too hard We’re too tired to overthrow the government. Therefore we must fall in love. Rod Smith The Living Library is a conversational space that takes place in the intersection between fiction, action and research. Over […]