During our event today the image of Swedish and Nordic Climate Leadership shimmered in the face of scientific/ political/ and activist critique. What is the Nordic reputation? Is there truth behind this image? Watch a recording of the event below and share your thoughts @CCLUPPSALA.

What makes good Climate Leadership?

According to Emma Weisner, Centerpartiet Swedish MEP, it is “Unity, Ambition and Results“. Yet are we fulfilling this idea of Nordic Climate Leadership? As Mikael Karlsson indicates, to what extent can we unify when not all Nordics are in the EU? Can we consider ourselves leaders if, as in Sweden, we only account for a third of our emissions? (according to climate activist Anton Foley) Consumption a key issue for Denmark according to Nadia, a Danish Youth Delegate. Yet all this talk of urgency and action without thinking is very problematic for Bernt Nordman, WWF Finland, who argues for investment in to better understanding of the whole picture.

Key concerns – what is sustainable use of forests in transitioning away from fossil fuels? For how long can we ignore the subsidies to fossil fuels? Denmark really needs to look at their pork consumption. And what is this talk about fossil free steel?

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