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Building a University for the Common Good? Addressing Climate Change Together

Addressing climate change will require partnerships across all sectors of society. This is a film of Keri’s workshop on Campus Gotland exploring how universities and communities might work together to address climate change.

It draws on Keri’s work as Leadership Fellow for the Connected Communities Programme which was a six-year-long programme of collaboration between academics and partners outside the university – local government, industry, charities, voluntary sector groups with over 300 projects across the UK. The main findings from this programme are here alongside a series of literature reviews providing surveys of the main approaches to co-production.

Another project – looking at how universities are failing to engage with and learn from minority ethnic communities – has produced a report and a set of important principles and guidance for universities seeking to create more diverse partnerships and collaborations.

Almedalsveckan July 2019

Climate Change Leadership’s Zennström Professor, Keri Facer, engaged in Almedalsveckan 2019. Watch the seminars below.

July 3, 2019: Climate vision – what is the role of universities in combating climate change?

How can universities be a driving force in the fight against climate change? What expectations can placed on scientists, researchers and teachers and how do we involve students?

July 1, 2019: Climate change leadership – perspectives from science, industry and politics

Climate change is a scientific, economic and political challenge. Which leadership strategies are needed to tackle and minimize climate change? How can science, industry and politics co-operate in climate leadership and how can we develop an effective climate change leadership?

July 1, 2019: Universitetens roll för en hållbar värld – omvärldens förväntningar

Universitetens viktigaste bidrag till en hållbar värld går via forskning, utbildning och samverkan – men hur ska detta ske på bästa sätt? Vad finns det för förväntningar från omvärlden på universitetens insatser och vilka typer av aktiviteter ger bäst resultat?