As we near the close of COP26 let’s take stock of the core changes this afternoon:

  • G77 and China have conceded on the Glasgow Loss and Damage facility. Speakers from these blocs and the LDCs, Ailac, AOSIS and Africa Group spoke regretfully in their interventions but highlighted that going forward with a text was more important.
  • Doubled adaptation finance was highlighted as one of the key successes, as well as the inclusion of ratcheting ambition every year.
  • The draft continues to refer to fossil fuels in text and coal is mentioned in particular with regards to phase outs.
  • Ongoing discussions over the language surrounding “phase out” and coal, driven by India on the grounds of subsidies supporting access to fuel for low income populations.

Alok Sharma asserts that the conclusion is imminent and COP26 will be closed this afternoon. Ongoing discussions on the floor, colloquially known as “huddles”, continue however, so delays may continue.

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